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Wellness Programs

Health-Fit Corporate Wellness specializes in the musculoskeletal health of corporate employees, whether it is a corporate office setting or a factory/manual labor setting. We do this by implementing on-site care for the employees in the goal of treating and reducing pain and injury as well as improving performance. Our first step is to do a site evaluation of your company and give our recommendations on what form and frequency of on-site care is optimal to achieve your desired results.

Although services can be customized to your needs, we offer 4 general wellness programs:

On-Site Care

Our On-Site Care includes the following treatment and wellness methods:

    • Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care
    • Active Release Techniques®
    • Graston Technique®
    • Kinesio® Taping
    • Stretching & Strengthening Advice and Handouts
    • Injury Risk Assessments
    • Health Fairs & Screenings
    • Corporate Workshops & Talks

Goals of on-site care:

    • Provide Employees with on-site solutions to their pain and injuries.
    • Reduce chronic pain syndromes
    • Improve overall health
    • Increase employee Morale
    • Decrease Healthcare and Worker’s Compensation Costs
    • Happier employees
    • Reduced absenteeism
    • Reduction of job accidents

Common conditions treated:

    • Neck Pain
    • Low Back Pain
    • Shoulder Pain/Injuries
    • Headaches
    • Sports Injuries
    • Carpel Tunnel
    • Sciatica
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Auto Accidents
    • Elbow/Wrist Pain
    • Knee Pain
    • And Much More

Health/Wellness Fairs

An integral aspect of Health-Fit Corporate Wellness is Health Fairs and Wellness Initiatives. We provide key health and wellness screenings such as postural screenings, injury risk assessments, functional movement screens, Health & Wellness Q & A and much more.

Every company, large and small, should offer quarterly or yearly Health-Fairs. We can supply a healthcare provider to participate in the above screenings to help educate your employees and guide them in preventative measures to decrease the risk of over-use strain and increase performance.

We can also assist your company in providing other healthcare vendors to attend your Health Fair such as massage therapy, fitness specialists, nutritionists, nurses, etc…

Injury Risk Assessment

Our Injury Risk Assessments combine Ergonomic Assessments of the workstation or work place as well as a Musculoskeletal Physical Screening to quantify the risk of pain or injury to the employee. Repetitive strain due to improper workstation set up is a common problem in all work places. Combined with musculoskeletal dysfunctions, this may lead to an increase in chronic pain syndromes or over-use injuries.

With the employee’s work environment and physical findings in hand, we develop a preventative strategy of stretching, ergonomic recommendations, and corrective exercises to reduce the over-use strain placed on the employee.

Our On-Site Care Program includes free Injury Risk Assessments of all employees. These assessments are also available at cost to companies that we do not provide On-Site Care.

Corporate Workshops/Talks

Continued education of the employee regarding their health and wellness is vital in the management and prevention of acute/chronic pain and injuries. These lunch- based short presentations, hands-on workshops, and stretching/strengthening breaks are a key component in the success in any corporate wellness programs.

Please contact us for a list of topics and workshops, or to schedule an event.


Up until now, the field of ergonomics has been very expensive and a slow moving process with lack of continuing education and awareness. Our Massive Transformative Purpose has been to digitize and demonetize the ergonomics process as much as possible for corporations. Having a way to reach your employee base that may be spread over multiple locations via an on-line learning platform and to make it extremely affordable is the key to a successful modern-day ergonomics initiative.

7-Point Office Ergonomics Initiative

Our Office Ergonomics Initiative is a digital platform education system for your desk workers across multiple locations or a single location. The goal is to provide materials, best practices and on-going education to your company and team members for awareness and education to prevent the common ailments of the office workstations.

Truck Driver’s Ergonomics Initiative

The Truck Drivers Ergonomics Initiative will provide materials, best practices and on-going education to your company and its team members for awareness and education to prevent the common ailments of the truck driver population. This is a combination of a Physical Demands Analysis at locations of your choosing and a digital platform to reach your employees. This combination is optimal for the continuing education of the truck drivers and supervisors, as well as reaching employees of multiple location companies.

Ergonomics Learning Center

The Ergonomics eLearning Center is a digital platform education system for the modern desk worker, truck driver and physical laborer. This platform will provide materials, best practices and on-going education to you for awareness and education to prevent the common ailments of the workplace.

This eLearning center will be continuously updated with new information on a weekly and monthly basis to keep you on the cutting edge of information regarding your musculoskeletal health and wellness.

Visit the learning center now.