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On-Site Care

On-Site healthcare and wellness offerings are becoming the trend in corporations to increase employee health and morale. In addition, Companies are appreciating considerable decreases in their healthcare costs by providing on-site health and wellness. The Harvard Business Review has provided research revealing a 6:1 ROI on fully implemented wellness programs for corporations. HBR states that the key pillars of a successful culture of wellness are to have effective Multi-level leadership, Alignment, Quality, Accessibility, Partnerships and Communications. These key pillars are why having on-site care is essential in an effective corporate wellness program. We specialize in providing on-site care to increase health and decrease injuries, along with other measurable outcomes.


The Corporate Chiropractor®

Research and experience has revealed that Chiropractic care reduces health care utilization, cost and increase patient satisfaction. Further evidence has shown that corporate on-site Chiropractic clinics have improved those parameters even more significantly. The Corporate Chiropractor program will fully implement a Chiropractic Physician into your corporation to provide chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, ergonomics/work station consultations and strain/sprain preventative programs.

The Alternative Medicine Integration Study Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, May 2007. Chiropractic care patients demonstrated:

  • 60% decrease in in-hospital admissions
  • 85% decrease in pharmaceutical costs

Gorman MPH, Miller M.D., Boaz PharmaD, Wade RPH. Cerner Corporation: “Chiropractic Services: On-site Health Center Analysis.

  • Conclusion: “On-site Chiropractic services are associated with lower health care utilization and improved functional status of musculoskeletal conditions.”


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Work Comp Prevention Program

Our on-site care program that reduces recordable rates and work comp claims focuses on soft tissue discomforts and injury prevention. In 2006, OSHA provided ruling and documentation stating that Active Release Techniques® (A.R.T.) is a form of movement-based massage. OSHA deems massage techniques to be a form of First-Aid and not a medical treatment.  If the employee has a discomfort, or if administered in a prevention format, A.R.T. is considered First Aid, not a recordable treatment. If the employee also receives medical treatment, a job transfer, restricted work activity, or days away from work, it would then be considered a recordable injury.  The A.R.T. provider and the safety manager/human resources department works in conjunction to follow the correct care path for each employee.

Sanmina-SCI (an electronics manufacturer) in Fountain, CO. OSHA recordable injury rates. Pre- and Post-A.R.T. program. Greater than 800 employees. See below.

art-graphProvided by A.R.T. Corporate Solutions:


How do you implement On-site Care?

Let us do a free needs analysis of your corporation and we will develop a detailed report of your corporate wellness and on-site care needs. From there, we can seamlessly implement an on-site care program no matter your company size or industry.