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Ergonomics Learning Center: The Educational Solution for the Modern Desk Worker

  • Avoid chronic aches and pains from sitting.
  • Find easy-to-implement solutions for the desk/computer worker.
  • This is the digital platform designed for the 21st Century office worker who desires optimal health and well-being.

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The Ergonomics Learning Center is a digital platform education system for the modern desk worker. This platform will provide materials, best practices and on-going education to you for awareness and education to prevent the common ailments of the office workstations.

This eLearning center will be continuously updated with new information on a weekly and monthly basis to keep you on the cutting edge of information regarding your musculoskeletal health and wellness.

Inside the Ergonomics Learning Center, you will have full access to the following tools to combat the effects of the sitting lifestyle that is prevalent in the office environment.

Ergonomics E-Book

85 Page information e-book that discusses common office workstation related conditions and how to prevent and remedy them.

Educational Videos

Our growing video library on health topics, stretches, and ergonomics and exercises for the desk worker. These videos are produced by our team of doctors and ergonomics specialists and new videos will be added weekly.

One-on-One Doctor Phone Consultations

Resource for employees to find a concern/problem they are having and what we recommend for certain common situations. Easily schedule your free consultation at your convenience.


We upload all of our past presentations in PowerPoint platform and is viewable right on our learning center. These PowerPoints will be jam packed with information on various topics.


A vast articles library on health topics related to your musculoskeletal health produced and written by the doctors of Health-Fit Corporate Wellness. Everything from headaches, low back pain, and easy to implement prevention solutions.

Educational Resources

The Educational Resources section will be handouts that we find informative from other sources in the health and wellness field, as well as self-assessments that we have designed specifically for the desk worker. There will also be corrective exercise handouts for our posture program, carpal Tunnel, low back pain prevention, etc.

Micro-Break Card

Download the free micro-break card that teaches you specific stretches that don’t require you to leave your desk. These will help prevent the over-use stress of long term sitting. Easy to Implement, extremely effective.


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