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Episode 48: Varidesk CEO, Jason McCann about Standing Desks [Revisited]

Jun 19, 2017


What inspires us? We try to instill simplicity into everything we do. And we like to strive to remove the friction that exists between where you are physically and emotionally, and where you want to be.
We are inspired by the pursuit of restoring balance between work life and home life, sedentary activity and physical activity, sitting and standing. We tirelessly work to offer solutions that will not only get you standing, but Working Elevated.

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The Realities of Sitting

Computer workstation ergonomics cannot be discussed without also discussing sitting and the adverse health effects it has on us. With the advances in technology over the past two decades, we are now sitting more than ever before. On average, we spend about 9.3 hours a day sitting, while only 7.7 hours sleeping. Just think about your daily routine and how much time you spend sitting. If you’re like most people that have an office job, after you get up in the morning, you sit down to have breakfast, you sit down in the car on your commute to work, you sit all day at work including your lunch break, you sit on your drive home from work, you sit to eat dinner, and then you likely sit on the couch to watch television, read, or surf the internet. Some of you may get an hour of exercise at some point in your day, but it is easy to see that most of your day is spent sitting. Recent research has shown that this type of sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health, even if you exercise or live an “active lifestyle.”

Varidesk App for Standing Reminders

Standing 4-6 Hours/Day after 30 days. Everyone is different, and you need read your own body.

Varichair: stool that allows you to pirch, lean back, not sit all the way

Anti-Fatigue Mat Options