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Episode 69: How To Set Your Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse Optimally

Nov 20, 2017

The Monitor  Position your monitor so that the top inch of the visible monitor screen is level with your eyes. If you lean back while working, adjust the monitor lower to accommodate your more typical seated position. Laptop users should use a height adjustable laptop stand. Position the monitor so that the screen is 90…

Episode 68: Getting to the Root Cause of Healthy Eating with Amanda Heisman

Nov 13, 2017

Amanda Heisman s an Intuitive Nutrition & Energy Coach (CHHC) who teaches people how to prioritize themselves, enhance their quality of life, and acheive maximum energy, all through nourishment and eating intuitively. Amanda’s Free Resources Amanda’s Top Swaps Sheet-Easy Swaps for Maximum Energy Intro to Intuitive Eating Mini-Class Both can be found below at the…

Episode 67: How To Fit Yourself To Your Chair and Desk

Nov 6, 2017

The Chair   Adjust the backrest of your chair for better lumbar support. If your chairs lumbar support is not adjustable, you can use a rolled-up towel or a back support cushion. The back of your chair should be adjusted slightly backward to 135 degrees in order to reduce strain on your spine and ligaments.…

Episode 66: How Your Hip Flexors Are The Root of All Evil

Oct 30, 2017

Triplanar Hip Flexor Stretch     Begin standing in a “lunge” position with one leg back until a stretch is felt in your hip. Lunge forward to increase the stretch in your hip. Hold this position for two or three seconds and return to neutral. Slowly lunge forward 10 times, each time increasing the stretch.…

Episode 65: The Body’s Alternating Pattern of Mobility and Stability

Oct 23, 2017

                Every joint in your body alternates for the need for stability or mobility. This is a guide to understanding which corrective exercises to target whole body optimal biomechanics. If one region is not optimal, the above and below region will compensate and potentially lead to injury.  …

Episode 64: Understanding and Preventing Your Shoulder Pain

Oct 16, 2017


Episode 63: Forming Healthy Habits with Missy Bunch

Oct 9, 2017

Visit Missy Bunch at   Make sure to form healthy habits by following Death of the desk and get their easy to consume videos

Episode 62: Crossover’s Integrated On-Site Healthcare with Dr. Daniel Lord

Oct 2, 2017

Dr. Daniel Lord Bio Crossover Health is a next generation health care organization that uses a membership based approach to fundamentally change the way health care is practiced, delivered, and experienced. Crossover is designed to restore and enhance the patient-provider relationship, reduce the cost of health care, increase access and convenience, and deliver an unprecedented…

Episode 61: Top 5 Exercise Motivation Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Sep 25, 2017

This is a guest post by Cathy Scarlett A setback is all it takes for many of us to not follow a consistent workout regime. Boredom, lack of results, laziness and lack of time are the common culprits. But, with motivation, you can overcome these challenges and stick to a consistent workout regimen. So, how…

Episode 60: Is Your Altered Breathing Causing Your Back and Neck Pain?

Sep 18, 2017

  Book Recommendation: Unbeatable Mind Box Breathing: 5 second inhale, 5 second hold, 5 second exhale, 5 second hold.