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ART Elite Provider

ART Elite ProviderActive Release Technique currently has over 3000 full body certified providers. Throughout the years, the word has spread that ART is an extremely effective soft tissue management system and many individuals, groups, and business entities have come to rely on ART care. In the past, there have been several instances where corporations, insurance companies and professional sporting teams have contacted ART for lists of providers. Obviously, when such situations arose they were referred  to the most accomplished provider in the area. ART soon realized that they could help more individuals and ART providers by handling these situations differently. So, they formed the ART Elite Provider Network (EPN) and ART Corporate Solutions, Inc. The EPN is a clinically integrated network of the most experienced ART providers in each state and province. The EPN was formed so that ART can guarantee the highest quality of soft tissue care to private industries, insurance companies, and sporting organizations.

Select providers are qualified Elite Provider through the ART Corporate Solutions Program. This qualifies them to be placed into a corporation whose employees are at high risk for repetitive strain injuries in the prevention of worker’s compensation cases. If you are a Wellness Coordinator, Human Resource Director or Corporate Nurse interested in this program you may contact ART Corporate Solutions or Health-Fit Corporate Wellness.