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Health-Fit® Corporate Wellness offers corporations, of any size, on-site solutions to decrease pain & injuries, lower healthcare costs, improve employee performance and increase morale. Combining On-Site care, Injury Risk Assessments, Health Fairs, and Lunch & Learns, we provide comprehensive injury management and wellness care for the employer and employee. Health-Fit’s signature program, The Corporate Chiropractor®, places a qualified chiropractic physician on-site at your corporate location to provide evidence-based Chiropractic.

Health-Fit Corporate Wellness will start with a Corporate Site Assessment to provide recommendations for your company that best suits the needs of your employees. If On-Site Care is requested, we will work with your human resources and/or corporate wellness department to determine the appropriate amount of days, times and services offered for your employees.

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Health-Fit’s digital-based platform Ergonomics Initiative has been vital in keeping our desk workers and truck drivers healthy while performing their daily work routine.

— Georgette Kores - World Fuel Services

We find that medical costs fall about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, and absentee day costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.

Harvard University

Health-Fit Corporate Wellness has provided On-Site Chiropractic & Sports Medicine for two of our corporate locations. Their treatment methods, ergonomic assessments and educational talks have been extremely beneficial

— Risa Harwood- Tyco/ADT

We have worked in conjunction with Health-Fit Corporate Wellness to bring together a comprehensive on-site wellness program with great success. Working with them has been seamless and effective and has optimized the effectiveness of the corporate wellness program.

— Steve Ramirez- Corporate Spa and Salon

Health-care costs rose at a 15% slower rate among employers who consistently offered a wellness program to employees than in a comparison group, according to a recent study sponsored byHighmark Inc., a Pittsburgh-based health insurer.

Fox Business

Statistics show an average company medical insurance savings of $5.50 per $1 spent on fitness facilities and equipment. It also reports an 18 percent drop in absenteeism for employees participating in its corporate wellness program.

National Association of State Boards of Accountancy